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Zaky Pahla Arianto as Narrator
Lintang Aulia Wijaya as Alice
Najma Asshiddiqie as Evil Red Queen
Zahran Alfarisi as The Hatter
Sasha Aulia as White Queen
Farrel Naufalariq as Knave of Hearts
Yasmin Hanna Azizah as White Rabbit
Aulia Zayna as Lorina
Adji Muhammad Fadilla as The Caterpillar
Trully Rizqy as Tweedledee
Fahrurozi Sjachulie as Tweedledum
Hanna Salimatul Ummah as Viona
Poppy Antika as Solider/Guard
Fathan Mushafa as Solider/Guard
M. Arifal Putra as Soldier/Guard

Once, there lived a beautiful girl named Alice. She sat under a tree with her elder sister—Lorina—who was reading a thick book. But, Alice was feeling really bored.
Alice: Lorina, I am bored, there is nothing to do.
Lorina: It is such a lovely day. Why don’t you sit with me under the tree and read your book?
Alice: My book is silly. It is all about a silly rabbit that can talks.
Lorina: (Yawn and stretches) I think I will go for a nap. (She falls asleep and Alice tries to read her book).
(Suddenly, there comes a White Rabbit running across the tree. He is in panic and looking at his watch)
White Rabbit: I’m late, I’m late! (He run passes Alice).
Alice: (Furrow her eyebrows in confuse) was that a talking rabbit? I think I should follow him. Mr. White Rabbit! Mr. White Rabbit! Please wait for me! (She runs after him)
Alice: Oh my goodness! I’m falling! I’m falling! Somebody help me!
(She falls and then stops suddenly. She land in a curious hall with a small locked door)
Alice: What is this place? Is someone here? Hellooo?
Alice: I can see a beautiful garden through the key hole. But the door is too small. How can I get in?
(She searches for something. There’s a key on the table. But the door is too small. Beside the key is a bottle that says “DRINK ME”)
(She drinks it and her body is shrinking. She became smaller. But she can’t reach the key that on the table)
Alice: And now I’m too small. I can’t reach the key.
(She looks for something else and finally found a cake that says “EAT ME”. She eats it and her body becomes bigger so now she can reach the key. She walks to the small door)
Alice: This is just a dream, Alice.
(She opens the door and steps through.)
Alice: What is this place?
White Rabbit: Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.
Alice: Wonderland? But, I thought Wonderland never exist. Wonderland it’s just the part of my book.
Tweedledee: It is exists, Alice.
Tweedledum: No it is not, Alice.
Tweedledee: It is.
Tweedledum : It isn’t.
Tweedledee: What do you think is this place iit is not called Wonderland?
Tweedledum: I didn’t say it is not called Wonderland.
Tweedledee: Yes, you did!
Tweedledum: No, I did not!
White Rabbit: Stop it! Both of you! (They stop and look towards white rabbit again) Tweedledee and Tweedledum, meet Alice.
Tweedledee: Hi, I’m Tweedledee
Tweedledum: No, Alice, I’m Tweedledum. He is Twedleedee
Tweedledee: That’s what I said!
Tweedledum: No, you didn’t say that!
White Rabbit: Quit arguing both of you! (They stop arguing) Now, Alice, the reason we need you here is to save our land from the curse of the Evil Red Queen.
Alice: Me? Why me?
White Rabbit: Because you are the only one who can save us. You are the only one that believes on Wonderland.
Alice: What should I do?
White Rabbit: You have to take the Evil Red Queen’s crown and crash it.
Alice: How could I find the Evil Red Queen?
White Rabbit: You must visit the CaterpillarTweedledee andTweedledum will help you
(They travel until they arrive at the caterpillar’s house)
Alice: We come here to find out where the Evil Red Queen is?
Caterpillar: Are you Alice? (Blows a smoke)
Alice: Yes, I am.
Caterpillar: I’ll show you. Tweedledee and Tweedledum, you may go home now.
(They travel to search for the Hatter’s house)
The Hatter: Caterpillar! I haven’t seen you lately! Are you come to have tea party with me? Who is this? You brought a new friend, I see. (Look towards Alice)
Caterpillar: This is Alice. We need to bring her to the Evil Queen’s Castle. She has to break the curse.
The Hatter: Alice! I can help you. C’mon you can ride my hat with me. I’ll take her from here Caterpillar. (Alice nods)
The Knave of Hearts: My lady, I need to tell you something.
The Evil Red Queen: What is that, Knave?
Knave of Hearts: Our enemy, Alice has come.
Evil Red Queen: Who? (Ask angrily)
Knave of Hearts: Alice, My Lady.
Evil Red Queen: She comes to break the curse?! (Knave nods)
Evil Red Queen: (stand angrily) Find her! We need to find her immediately! Otherwise we will never rule this land! Release all of my soldiers! And find her! Bring her head to me!
Knave of Hearts:  Yes, My lady. (Walks away)
Evil Red Queen: (say to herself) she has to die or I shall not rule this land.
Evil Red Queen: I am thirsty. Viona! I want my drink!
All the Evil Red Queen’s soldiers were released to find her.However, Alice and the Hatter were safe. They were small and the Evil Red Queen’s soldiers didn’t see them. Alice and the Hatter found their way to the Evil Red Queen’s castle. The Evil Red Queen was panic when she saw Alice and the Hatter at her castle.
Evil Red Queen: Guards! Catch them!
Alice and the Hatter succeed to escape because they were small. The Hatter gave the guards a poison so they slept away. But soon, The Hatter magic drinks lose the magic. He and Alice grew back to the normal shape.
Evil Red Queen: Knave! Kill them!
(Knave almost catches Alice, but hatter saves her)
Hatter: Run, Alice! Run! Take her crown!
(Alice runs towards Evil Red Queen)
Evil Red Queen: You are not getting away so easily! (Fight with her) 
While they were fighting, Viona watched them. She wanted to help Alice but she was scared. Alice saw her and yelled at her.
Alice: Take her crown! I beg you to take her crown!
(Viona nod and take her crown)
Finally the Evil Red Queen was defeated and Alice came home.

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